Nurses and doctors require a certain kind of medical scrub uniform to work efficiently. However, over the years, these medical scrubs have raised some questions among people who have little knowledge of the healthcare field over the years.

This blog discusses some myths about medical scrubs and unveils the truth.

1- Medical Scrubs Are All White

While this myth might have been true in the 20th century, everything has evolved in the 21st century, including medical scrubs. Medical scrubs used to be white for all nurses, doctors, and medical staff, but hiding stains was difficult with these white scrubs.

Furthermore, white scrubs were also difficult to clean. Therefore, the medical scrub industry evolved and introduced green, pink, and blue colored scrubs that are easier to clean and look good.

2- Medical Scrubs Aren’t Comfortable

How many of you have looked at medical staff wearing blue or green scrubs and felt sorry for them as they would have to stay in that uncomfortable gear through their shifts? However, there’s no truth to the notion of medical scrubs being uncomfortable.

The truth is that medical scrubs are extremely comfortable. Since nurses and doctors have to spend hours in the same scrubs, they’re designed to offer comfort and allow free movement. However, it’s important to purchase good quality medical scrubs only as medical scrubs with low-quality scrubs can wear out soon.

3- Medical Scrubs Breed Germs

Many people avoid touching medical scrubs under the belief that all medical scrubs breed germs. However, let us tell you that this is far from the truth. Medical scrubs are sanitized and washed after every use to keep them clean and germ-free.

The cleaning and sanitization process ensures that the medical scrubs don’t turn into a breeding ground for germs. The fabric of medical scrubs is strong enough to withstand all the cleaning done to eliminate germs. Moreover, some medical scrubs have germ protection incorporated into the fibers beforehand.

4- Medical Scrubs Don’t Represent Professionalism

Normally, hospitals are very confusing, especially during emergency hours. Having a different attire allows the health staff to stand out from the other people in the hospital. The medical staff can easily see other healthcare members in medical scrubs and reach out to them when needed.

Medical worker in a teal medical scrub and mask

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