Nursing shifts can last up to 12 hours a day. It’s also a far more active and mobile job than most other occupations. Therefore, your medical uniform has to be both attractive and comfortable for you.

Here are some tips on dressing as a nurse and looking and feeling good throughout your shift.

1- Wear Comfortable Scrubs

Dress in an outfit that doesn’t bother you much during a long shift and allows you to dedicate your complete attention to patient care. Hence, comfort should be the prime factor while buying comfortable scrubs.

By comfortable scrubs, we don’t mean your scrubs should be baggy or ill-fitted. Scrubs that don’t perfectly fit you are uncomfortable. To maximize comfort, get scrubs that are right for your body type.

2- Wear Compression Stockings

Standing for long periods, such as during a nursing shift, can be harmful to your health. Mainly, standing for long periods can cause your legs to swell and make it harder for blood to flow. This can lead to severe blood circulation problems such as deep vein thrombosis—a kind of blood clot.

To protect yourself from the adverse effects of standing for long periods, you must wear compression stockings. Compression stockings reduce pain during your long work hours. But more importantly, compression stockings improve blood flow and prevent clot formation in your legs.

3- Wear a Watch

Most of us think we don’t need a wristwatch anymore since we can just check the time on our phones. However, in a time-sensitive profession such as nursing, a wristwatch is a must-have accessory. At times, your hand may be too full to use your phone.

A wristwatch allows you to check the time instantly. You don’t have to find your phone first and then unlock it to check the time. Wearing a wristwatch can significantly improve your performance at work.

4- Wear Simple Jewelry

If you’re going to wear jewelry, try to wear simple and minimalistic jewelry. Simple jewelry will not only go well with the overall style of your nursing outfit but will also be more comfortable.

5- Use Color Theory

Now that we’re in style territory being careful with the colors will significantly improve your look. When choosing other articles to wear with your scrubs, be careful of the colors you choose.

It’s best to pair your scrubs with other articles in the same color but with a darker or lighter shade.

You can also use other contrasting colors. For example, if your scrubs use a light color, pair them with a dark-maroon high neck in the winter season.

A nurse wearing a blue scrub and medical apron

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