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Female nurse in a blue medical scrub

5 Types of Scrub Designs for Women

Medical scrubs are designed to maximize comfort and mobility, but that doesn’t necessarily limit their design options. You have as many design choices with scrubs as you have with any other piece of clothing.

However, the most important factor that determines the aesthetic of scrubs is fit. If your scrubs fit you well, even the most minimalistic scrubs can look and feel amazing. On the other hand, wearing fancy scrubs won’t do much for you if it’s not designed for your body type. 

1- Zipper Scrubs

Scrubs with a zipper? Yeah, you read that right!

There are scrub tops available that have a zipper. This is more than just a style choice. A zipper makes it easier for you to get in and out of the scrubs. But also, a zipper gives the medical staff more flexibility as they don’t have to worry about getting into and out of these top.

Designers can make a slim-fit zipper scrub top with a narrow neck in any fabric. For a regular top, designers would have to use a stretchable fabric to design slim-fit scrubs. 

2- Bi-color scrubs

Hospitals usually require healthcare professionals of a given department to wear scrubs of a specific color. However, you may have enough freedom to wear scrubs that also use different shades of that color. For example, you can wear scrubs with stripes of a slightly darker shade around the neck and at the ends of the sleeves.

3- Slim Fit

Slim-fit clothing never goes out of fashion. Standard scrubs are to fit everyone, and hence they don’t perfectly fit anyone. Scrubs designed for your body type and size unsurprisingly fit your body way more harmoniously than standard scrubs.

4- Loose Fit

Standard-sized scrubs aren’t designed to fit any particular body type. However, the same cannot be said about loose-fit scrubs. Contrary to popular belief, loose-fit scrubs aren’t simply one size up. They are designed for a particular body type, and they’re designed to fit that body type loosely. For example, scrub pants designed to be baggy have a smaller waist than scrub pants that would look baggy on you just because they’re larger. Scrub tops designed to be baggy still have the right shoulder length and arm length for the body size they’re designed to fit.

Loose-fit scrubs are not only prominently fashionable but are also quite comfortable and breathable.

5- Printed Scrubs

Most places won’t allow multi-colored printed scrubs. But if your hospital allows some flexibility, you do have the option available. Instead of multi-colored scrubs, you get printed scrubs that use different shades of the same color. 

Female nurse in a white medical scrub

With so many different scrub designs in the medical uniform market, women can choose the scrub they want! At Med Scrub Hub, we have the best scrubs for women. Visit our one-stop uniform store website, select the medical uniform of your choice and wear your favorite outfit to the next hospital shift.

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