According to the World Health Organization, around 80 000-180 000 healthcare workers have died from COVID-19 between January 2020 and May 2021.

In such circumstances, nurses themselves are responsible for keeping them safe. From wearing medical scrubs to avoiding unnecessary contact, here are some ways through which nurses can protect themselves from the viral disease.

1- Keep Monitoring Yourself for Any Symptoms

As a nurse, you are responsible for taking care of your health along with your patients’ health.

Medical professionals recommend that every nurse and healthcare worker should self-monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms regularly. If the nurses notice any symptoms during self-diagnosis, they should immediately isolate themselves and take necessary precautions until the report results arrive. If the COVID test comes back negative, nurses can return to hospitals, but if they have contracted the disease, they should quarantine at home for at least 14 days.

2- Make Your Mental Health a Priority

Nurses are required to be mentally and physically active during their working hours. However, they can only commit to taking care of patients when they feel well.

Shortage of staff, terminally ill patients, and emergency hours means that doctors and nurses can face burnout. The stress of being in a pandemic is also worsening the situation for many nurses out there. In such an atmosphere, nurses and other medical staff should use hospital-provided counseling or visit a personal psychologist. Therapy can help nurses deal with the anxiety and trauma that comes with dealing with their daily workload.

3- Avoid Unnecessary Exposure

We understand that nurses can’t eliminate the exposure to germs and bacteria in a medical environment. However, researchers recommend nurses avoid direct exposure as much as possible. Always practice social distancing in hospitals and clinics. If social distancing isn’t possible, approach the patients wearing complete medical protective equipment.

Disinfect your office, home, and other working or private spaces regularly. Remember to change out of your medical scrub when you leave the hospital. Shower as soon as you reach home to wash off any germs that might be on your body. Wash and disinfect your medical uniform after every wear.

Nurse wearing medical uniform and mask, holding an injection

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