Nursing scrubs may look minimalistic in design, but they’re not necessarily unfashionable.

If you want to stand out from other nursing staff on your shift, you can make some changes to your scrubs to look your best!

Here’s how you put together your outfit to make yourself look fabulous in your nursing scrubs.

1- Wear Scrubs That Fit You

Fit is by far the most important factor in fashion. If your clothes don’t fit your body size, there’s not much you can do to improve your look. Standard scrubs are designed based on the “one-size-fits-all” principle. In reality, these standard scrubs don’t perfectly fit anyone.

Hence, the first thing you should consider is wearing scrubs that fit you. We don’t mean to suggest wearing skin-tight scrubs—you can choose a loose fit or any other fit you like. But loose-fit scrubs are designed to fit that way. Loose fit scrubs, too, take your proportions into account and are designed to fit you. Whatever style you’re going for, the fit is by far the most important factor in your look.

2- Use Color Theory

The term “color theory” surely sounds pretty intimidating, but it’s quite simple in reality. You may be required to wear nursing scrubs of a certain color by your employer, but you can be creative with your other wearables.

The simplest way to use color theory is by wearing other articles that are the same color as your scrubs but are darker or lighter. However, we wouldn’t recommend wearing something of the same shade as it won’t add much to your monochrome look.

If you wish to pair your scrubs with some other contrasting color, it might be better to choose a different brightness. If your scrubs are pink, you can pair them with a maroon high-neck. Wearing a pink high-neck with light blue scrubs won’t look as good. You can use the color wheel to see which colors contrast the color of your scrubs best.

Lastly, black is a neutral color and can go well with any light color. The same is true for white which goes well with all dark colors. When unsure, choose one of these neutral colors to pair your scrubs with.

3- Wear a Different Shape

Wearing scrubs with a different shape, such as bell-bottom style or jogger style scrubs, can really make you stand out even if you don’t pair your scrubs with other accessories. These casual styles may also allow you to wear joggers at work.

Now that you know all the effective ways to rock your nursing scrub, you can style yourself and turn heads at the hospital! At Med Scrub Hub, we believe that nurses can perform well while looking great. Our nursing uniform store is a way to show that!

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